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Amgen Center
One Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA

• 2002 Illumination Design Award, Illuminating Engineering Society of North America

Project Designer: Audrey O’Hagan, AIA on behalf of The Stubbins Associates, Inc.

Client Goals

• To maximize flexibility and full build-out permitted by zoning.
• To create a building the both fits into the existing urban context as well as stands out as a distinctive piece of architecture.

Design Solution

To achieve the highest efficiency and maximize flexibility, the building is organized around a linear central core, which contains all of the building’s services and vertical elements including the distributed mechanical systems on each floor. This is flanked on both sides by open, flexible space which could accommodate either labs or offices.
The lobby space is a visual extension of the plaza, culminating in a central space inspired by the nautilus shell.
Architecturally, the building has two distinct faces—the “village side” along a pedestrian spine that gathers the shops, restaurants, and offices into an integrated “urban village”; and the “billboard side,” which passers-by experience from a distance along Galileo Way. The distinctive blue light is a landmark on the evening skyline.

“…one of the most successful projects in Cambridge in decades…
it makes a real contribution to the life of our city.” – Cambridge City Council member